Interview Technique Coaching


Interview Technique Coaching ($135.00)

Are you ever nervous or unsure of what to expect in an interview?  Do you often leave interviews disappointed or frustrated because you know that you are qualified for the role, but worry that you did not articulate your experience well enough?  You aren’t alone!  We wanted to provide a service that directly addresses this common challenge.  This service will offer our clients full preparation for upcoming interviews so that they feel confident in not only their experience, but also in their ability to explain their experience effectively.  This service includes insider tips, tricks, guidance and best practices directly from Human Resource Managers and Recruiters.  This is an individual’s opportunity to get help from professionals who have sat on the other side of the table in interviews.

This service will offer:​

  • Comprehensive Interview Technique Guide that provides a significant amount of tips, tricks, and guidance that can be applied to any interview situation

  • One 30 minute interview technique Q&A session via phone which allows the client the opportunity to ask any questions or advice in regards to upcoming interviews or on any of the material presented in the Interview Technique Guide